Animal Removal and Exclusion



Is your Pest/Exclusion company licensed to do the work you need?

We are one of the few licensed Pest/Exclusion companies in the Sacramento area.
Our CSLB license # is 10686494 and applies to R-39 Roofing.

Thomas Wildlife Control is a family business.

We take pride in all aspects of WILDLIFE CONTROL, EXCLUSION AND REMOVAL and our experience proudly spans 3 generations.

Our highly trained technicians are prepared to strategically solve your wildlife problem.Whether your wildlife nuisance is large or small, it can only become more problematic if left unresolved!

We are a licensed Roofing Contractor in the State of California. We take pride in the fact that we are one of the few Wildlife Exclusion companies in the Sacramento area with a C-39 license filled under a DBA of Thomas Roofing. Wildlife – Rodent license 65470.


  • Wildlife Control – When your home is burdened by nuisance wildlife intruders
  • Wildlife and Rodent Exclusion – Applying reliable techniques; not temporary remedies
  • Wildlife and Rodent Trapping – Utilizing the most humane, technologically advanced traps available to remove invaders from your home’s roof and/or structure.
  • Wildlife Removal – Exercising safe, legal and humane measures
  • Varmint Removal – Finding the solution to remedy your problem with varmints;
    moles, voles and gophers, in a way that is safe for your pets
  • Bird Removal and Exclusion – Using preventative tactics to obtain proven results
  • Roof Repair – When specific damaged is caused by invasive wildlife like Raccoons, Squirrels, Rats, Opossum, Birds and Pigeons
  • Detecting Strange Noises – Those coming from your ceiling, walls, attic or crawl spaces
  • Entering Hard To Reach Areas – Attics, crawl spaces, vaulted ceilings, walls, or under the house. Not all companies will take on the invasive scope of work
  • Determining Preventative Measures – To assist you with reducing future problems
  • Insulation Removal and New Replacement – Only removal and installation by experienced professionals will restore the insulation efficiency to damaged and compromised areas. (Rats will compromise an entire area whereas raccoons will inhabit and destroy an area of about 10×10)
  • Sanitizing Affected Areas – Executing safe steps to disinfect and treat all areas contaminated by bacteria, roundworm or hantavirus from animal feces and urine contaminates

We understand wildlife and can help you with your problem

When your property gets visited by unwanted guests, call on Thomas Wildlife Control once you discover the problem. We’ll arrive on the scene quickly and work to:

  • Identify the source of the problem
  • Trap the animals that have invaded your property
  • Remove unwanted wildlife
  • Seal up entry points to prevent future invasions

Please be advised, that we do not offer animal trappings from backyards or property perimeters. For more information about our animal control & animal removal services and rates, call us today.


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