Expert Wildlife Removal

Thomas Wildlife Control certified professionals offer nuisance wild animal removal near Folsom CA. Services range from trapping to home exclusion and everything in between. If you think you may have a wildlife problem, call us right away.  Some of the more common indications are scratching noises in the attic or walls, bumps in the crawlspace or attic, large groups of animals around your home, and unexplained odors. We will identify the problem and provide you with the best plan of action.

Save yourself the headache and make the right call to get the results you deserve. We tackle creature removal in Sacramento County, California. Every year in America millions of families and businesses are affected financially and physically by pest animals. When critters become overabundant or inhabit areas in close proximity to people, they become a nuisance. They can also cause damage to your home and property.

Disinfecting and Cleanup

Wild animals do not clean up before they leave. The mess left behind is dangerous and should be taken care of by professionals.  We will disinfect it and make it safe for you and your family.  Animal waste attracts other animals and insects; so it must be eliminated. Any contaminated insulation needs to be removed and replaced. We make sure all animal waste is contained in a sanitary manner so nothing enters the living space of your structure or enters your HVAC system, causing air contamination all through the house. Remember, waste in the attic can be a hazardous material. It should only be removed by trained and experienced professionals.

We realize the attic may not be the only place contamination may occur. Crawlspaces, basements, walls and other areas in and around your property may need attention. Our technicians have the skills and equipment to completely remove, clean, decontaminate and restore all areas of your home or business.

Wild Animal Damage Repair

Once we animals are removed and the space is clean, you may be left with a need for damage repair. We fix any damages left behind by these unwanted creatures. This includes entry points they may have made to your attic, roof or soffits. It may also include damages they made while they lived there. Wood, drywall, insulation and wiring should all be inspected and repairs.

The last step of the process is called exclusion. This is about keeping the animals from getting back in. Our team of trained, certified professionals can repair any damage the wild animals created. We use a wide variety of techniques here in Folsom to seal off any and all possible entry points. Many times, they have literally chewed thier way into your structure. We can repair and reinforce these areas to prevent the wildlife from returning. Contact us today.

Wildlife Removal How-to

  1. Inspection – Perform a thorough inspection of the home and property. You need to determine what animal has invaded your home. Then find where it is living and how it is entering.
  2. Trapping – Once all the entry points have been located, set the appropriate traps to capture the invading animals. We recommend trying to use humane traps and equipment whenever possible.
  3. Removal – Make sure to remove all wildlife so nothing is left behind to get sealed-in. Please, follow all state laws on removing the trapped wild animals from your home including any relocation or disposal.
  4. Exclusion – Seal all entry points that you found during the inspection. You need to prevent any wild animals from returning to your home. It is critical to make sure not to miss any gaps, crevices and openings.
  5. Remediation – Make sure to remove all animal waste. Otherwise it may invite additional unwanted pests. Properly, clean and disinfect the entire area. Repair any damage the wild animals caused. Again, make sure any repairs can withstand additional wildlife invasion attempts.