Bat Control and Removal

Bats in your home or attic is a frightening thought for most people and it should be, these creatures create huge messes and cause terrible damage to homes right here in our area. This problem is far more common than you might think. Some of the most common signs that you have bats in your home or attic are sightings, flapping or other odd sounds from your attic or foul odor from the guano.

Attempting to remove these nocturnal animals is a difficult task at best, and a dangerous one at worst. Attics are usually small and can also be very difficult spaces to work in without the proper equipment and training. It is definitely something you should not attempt on your own. It is best to rely on trained experts to safely remove and exclude this pest animal from your attic.

Why do I need help with bat removal

There are good reasons for having professionals come in rather than taking on this task by yourself. One reason is equipment. We use tools and methods that are safe for us and humane for the bats as well. Methods like one way doors. This will allow them to leave like they usually would but it prevents them from getting back in.

We are also able to monitor the situation and make sure we are ready for the next steps as soon as all of the bats are gone. Another reason is Guano. This is the waste produced by these creepy creatures. They make a lot of it and it accumulates in your attic and breathing in the particles released into the air is very dangerous. It is better to let us handle it as we will wear proper protective equipment during the clean up phase and make sure you and your family are not breathing in any contamination. There is also the issue of safety in terms of bites. Bats are common rabies carriers. Risking a bite is not a good idea. We are able to handle this issue for you, in the most efficient and safe way possible. Call us right away if you think you have bats in your home.

Bat Exclusion

Bats live in colonies, which means if you see one, there are usually many more. Colonies can grow at a very rapid rate. A vital part of the removal process is exclusion. It is never a complete solution to just remove the bats you see in your home. They only need a gap 3/8 inch wide to get into your home. We have the experience to know exactly where to look to make sure every possible entry point is sealed. We will seal them all except the main entry where we will place a one way door and let them all exit. It takes several days of monitoring to make sure all of them are gone and then the last opening is sealed. This is how we make sure you do not have a repeat problem. If any spaces are left open, they will come back. Do not go through the expense and hassle of ridding your home of these creatures just to repeat it later. Contact us for an inspection right away. We will handle the problem the best way, the first time.

Bat Damage and Repairs

Once they are removed, your home may be left with a need for bat damage repair. The primary source of damage from bats is guano. This waste produced by bats is filled with parasites and bacteria. Once dry, if it is disturbed the particles can make their way into air vents and lead to respiratory problems for you and your family. Guano will accumulate fast and can be heavy if undetected and can cause structural damage. It is also flammable, so it is nothing to turn your back on. It must be removed. Guano combined with urine can destroy insulation in your attic. Your may need insulation replacement.  Drywall is also vulnerable to this destruction. Many times replacement is necessary. Cleaning up can be dangerous and it is best to have professionals with proper equipment to take care of it and deodorize the area at the same time. Then there are repairs. We can make sure all necessary repairs are made so your home is clean and in good shape after the infestation is gone. Urine often soaks insulation in most attics.

We are prepared to help every step of the way. Contact us right away for an inspection.