Raccoon Control and Removal

So often, Raccoons are portrayed as adorable little creatures, but the reality is very different. They can be a menace to you and your property. They commonly look for places to nest and sources of food in residential areas. The usual places are under porches, sheds and outbuildings. The complaints we hear most often from local residents are noises at night near their garbage cans, noises in attics, holes in yards and night time sightings of animals fleeing their yard. If you have seen or are experiencing any of these things, call us right away. It is very important to remember that these creatures are not friendly and you should not attempt to trap or remove them on your own. Professional help is a necessity in this situation. Our team is prepared to help.

Why Should I Call Thomas wildlife Control

When raccoons decide to enter your property, it is usually to find food or shelter. More than likely there is more than one raccoon and they are a family. The adult raccoons that are trying to feed babies and provide a place to nest can be very territorial and aggressive if provoked or scared in any way. They can bite or scratch if threatened so they must be handled with care and by someone who understands their behavior and strengths. These pesky animals can carry many diseases including rabies and canine distemper, creating a dangerous situation for you, your family and your pets. Setting traps or attempting to catch them on your own can end very, very badly. By calling us, you take the stress and worry out of the situation. Rest assured we will trap and remove them from your property in a safe and humane way and bring peace back to your home. Call us today.

Raccoon Damages

Raccoons are intelligent animals that can adapt to their surroundings whether in the wild or in a neighborhood. They understand that trash is a source of food and dog dishes are also a food supply. They can create holes in your roof or soffits to obtain access to your attic for shelter and they will do it all with no regard to your property. Along the way they create costly damages for you. Torn roofing and siding on the exterior of the home are commonly reported. Once inside the attic there are other considerations. Your insulation and drywall are excellent sources of nesting material. They are also easily destroyed by the urine and feces left by the raccoons. Since they can be pretty large, the damage they create can be worse than that of a squirrel or mouse and possibly more of an expense. Call us before it gets to this level of damage. The first sign you see is when the call needs to happen. Do not wait.