Bird removal and control is a common issue in Folsom, CA. They will attempt to enter your home in order to build their nests. They will enter vents, chimneys, roof vents, and attics in search of shelter. Call us today at 916-500-9027 for help with bird problems. We are trained in control and know the best way to evict them from your home. We will exclude them and seal up any entry points that are allowing them to gain access.

Finding them in the home is not only a nuisance, they can cause damage to your property. They can also expose you and your family to many diseases. Our team will remove any birds, living or dead from your home and complete all clean up and sanitization as well.

Birds in Attic

It is very common to find birds in the attics of homes in Folsom and Sacramento County. The sooner that you exclude them from your attic the less the potential damage. Bird droppings are toxic and will attract insects. The insects may attract other unwanted wildlife to enter your home. If you are hearing noises in the attic, call us for an inspection. You will want to do this as soon as you hear any noises. The longer you wait, the bigger the problem will get. We will inspect your attic and provide you with the best plan to remove them and restore your peace of mind.

We will safely remove them and seal up any entry points into your home. After that we can help you with safely cleaning the damage that they may have caused your home. We will clean the droppings, sanitize the area and replace any insulation that may have been damaged while they made your attic their home.

Birds in Vents and Chimneys

Another common problem is birds in the vents of your home. Every home has vents for the dryer, attic, bathrooms and more. They are necessary for your home but to birds, they are great sheltered areas. Nests are built in these vents all the time. Many problems can result from the materials used to make the nests. Clogged vents can even lead to fires in some cases. Make sure you are checking them and if you are noticing birds frequently gathering around the vents , call us right away for an inspection.
Chimneys are another great place for these creatures to hide. You may be noticing a flapping noise or chirping coming from your fireplace, if so, it is likely that you have a bird trapped in your chimney. Often, once they get in, they can’t get out. There are even times when they make their way into the home from the fireplace or they die because they are trapped in there. We can clear out any materials or birds that may be in them and we can cover the vents or chimneys with caps that are designed to safely keep the birds out in the future.

Commercial Bird Removal

Bird can be a nuisance to commercial businesses. They can cause you to lose profit and keep customers away. From aesthetic problems to sanitation issues there are many ways that pest birds can harm your business. There are many options like spike strips, opti gel and Bird Netting that can be used to control the situation. We know the best methods for keeping them from inside and on your building. Once we do an inspection of the property we will give you the best solutions to keep them from returning.

They spread dangerous diseases. Breathing in air that has been contaminated by droppings can leave you with a serious infection. Exposure to contaminated air from an infestation can cause someone becoming seriously ill. A professional removal and cleaning ensures that you are safe from the disease that they spread.