Elk Grove Rat Removal and Control

It is recommended that you call 916-500-9027 for rat removal when you see one in your Elk Grove home. They carry a number of dangerous diseases and other pests. Even if you have no direct contact with them. Their droppings can be even more dangerous than their bite.

Rats are typically indicated by noises being heard at night and scratching in the customer’s attic. They leave small droppings, and dig longer tunnels in insulation. We offer effective removal to eliminate your problem.

Rats can be a serious problem in California. Homes around marsh land and water tend to have the highest percentages of infestations. They can carry external parasites such as fleas, flies, maggots, ticks, and mites. Viruses, such as Hepatitis E, are not uncommon. While most homeowners will not come in contact with them in their home, it’s for sure that the food stored in the family pantry will.

How do you know if you have rats in your house? Mostly, they will be heard at night above the ceiling and sometimes in the walls. Many times they will chew wires and water lines, risking fire and flood damage. They will eat and drink from pet bowls spreading diseases to the family pet. Rats will urinate and defecate on kitchen counters and food prep areas. An average litter is 6-12, gestation is 22-24 days and new young reach reproductive maturity at about 3 months.

Rats In The Attic, Walls

If you are hearing scratching noises in the attic or walls of your Elk Grove home, call us. If you see one in your attic it is a good possibility that there are more. They breed very quickly and they need to be removed from your walls before you have an infestation.

An infestation can lead to severe damage to your home as well as an increased risk of disease. They will take advantage of the quiet of an attic and can go seemingly unnoticed for quite some time in the attic or wall spaces.

Rat Exterminator

Our team are trained rat exterminators in Elk Grove . We will set traps to capture those that are in your home. We understand the behavior of these animals and know the best traps and where to place them. There are many DIY options out there, but you shouldn’t put yourself or home at risk. These rodents are covered in fleas that are full of terrible diseases that can be life threatening. They often damage and contaminate food products as well. Let us help you with an extermination and exclusion plan.

Extermination is the best way to deal with this pest rodent problem. Let us handle the problem for you. We have the training to safely rid your home of this pest rodent.

Rat Damage Repair

After we seal up the entry points so that they can no longer get into your home, we will safely clean up the damage. Droppings, dead bodies, contaminated insulation and drywall that is left behind can be hazardous to you and your family. We will safely clean what they have left behind and repair the damage that they may have caused.

These rodents can chew through wires and venting causing permanent damage to your property. Frayed and gnawed wires can be a fire hazard if left unrepaired. Laying traps and repairing damage can significantly reduce the likelihood of future problems.

The health hazard doesn’t end in the home. Rats, and the disease they carry, is a danger to businesses as well. We have control options available for both commercial and residential customers. Don’t let these pests from hurting your employees and patrons, consult with a professional to create a plan to protect your business.