The gentle rustling of leaves and the distant sound of a woodpecker’s rhythmic tapping are usually welcome sounds of nature, but what happens when these natural symphonies find their way into the very structure of your home? Enter Brandon from Thomas Wildlife Control & Roofing, a seasoned expert in wildlife management and roof repair solutions. In a recent captivating video, Brandon takes us on a journey into the heart of a unique problem – a home invaded by woodpeckers and field mice who have taken their penchant for acorn storage to a whole new level.

Acorn Invasion: A Common Yet Destructive Behavior

Woodpeckers and field mice might seem like harmless creatures, but their instinctual behaviors can wreak havoc on your home’s structure. In Brandon’s latest video, he sheds light on the not-so-fun fact that these critters have been gathering and stockpiling thousands of acorns behind the panels of a homeowner’s roof. While this behavior might be common among wildlife seeking sustenance for colder months, it turns destructive when acorns accumulate and begin to compromise the integrity of your property.

Brandon’s Discovery: Navigating the Intricacies

With years of experience under his belt, Brandon deftly investigates the situation to uncover the extent of the invasion. In the video, viewers get an insider’s look at how Brandon approaches the problem with a keen eye and meticulous care. He delves into the reasons behind the critters’ peculiar behavior and explains that woodpeckers and field mice often use the nooks and crannies of homes to stash their acorn treasures. While this behavior may be part of nature’s grand design, it becomes a challenge when it puts your home at risk.

The Solution: Expert Removal and Thoughtful Sealing

As the video unfolds, viewers witness Brandon’s thoughtful approach to problem-solving. He carefully removes the amassed acorns while ensuring that the critters are not harmed in the process. However, the journey doesn’t end there. Brandon emphasizes the importance of sealing the entry points that allowed the woodpeckers and mice to access the home in the first place. This proactive approach prevents a recurrence of the issue, safeguarding the homeowner’s property from future invasions.

Why Choose Thomas Wildlife Control and Roofing?

The video not only showcases Brandon’s expertise but also sheds light on the comprehensive services offered by Thomas Wildlife Control & Roofing. Whether it’s woodpeckers, field mice, squirrels, or other wildlife causing disruption, Brandon and his team are equipped to handle a diverse range of wildlife-related problems. Their compassionate yet effective methods ensure the safety of both your home and the critters that inadvertently found their way into it.


Brandon’s video takes us on an educational journey through the world of woodpeckers, field mice, and the havoc they can wreak on a home’s structure. With his expert guidance, we learn the importance of addressing such issues promptly and effectively. From understanding the behaviors of these critters to providing a solution that balances humane removal and structural security, Brandon’s work exemplifies the dedication and professionalism of Thomas Wildlife Control & Roofing.

If you find yourself dealing with a wildlife invasion, be it woodpeckers, mice, or other critters, Brandon and his team at Thomas Wildlife Control & Roofing are the ones to call. Don’t let nature’s antics compromise your home – trust the experts to restore peace and security to your living space. Contact Thomas Wildlife Control & Roofing today for woodpecker removal services that are both effective and kind to the world around us.